One earth one people
human development and cultural evolution can
help people live better and happier lives while improving the environment

human development can guide many to the realization, we are all one
the Earth can teach us how to live and be happy


human development through natures guide

  • Are you looking for a totally awesome relationship with your self, filled with inner peace and Harmony?
  • Are you looking for an incredible relationship with nature?
  • Are you looking for a change in your life or has change found you?
  • Imagine if you could help change the world?
for the earth worms musings       objectives

East gate of the Confucian Temple in Taiwan

News of the earth muse and the pursuit of inner peace


The earths cultures will only change for the better by having those who are exceptional people commit to integrating
- human development
- historical culture
- new age technology
- total acceptance
into an earth friendly social system of mores and practices that can compete economically with the exploitative systems dominating the world today.

It is my belief that the core of almost all religions are valid. I feel each person should have the freedom to discover their own personal spiritual experience

This site is about
evolving social systems for the survival of humans and the earth.
Let us all learn how to develop harmony and wisdom through understanding the nature of acceptance and power.

Each one of us is part of the system, this would indicate that when an individual changes the system is slightly changed as well.

things to consider about living in
harmony with nature

higher wisdom seeks to transcend the boundaries of control that many organized religions have encouraged. Before you become offended by the truth, think how little love and big love effect our lives. Also look at how little love and big love are practiced by formal religions. Then follow the truth.
is a deficit organization.

I hope to someday become just a non profit organization,
and maybe some day a profitable non profit.

The earth can get along just fine without people, but people would find it mighty difficult to get along with out the earth

  • to ponder,
  • to think deeply and at length; meditate.
  • to think or say meditatively.
  • musing; deep meditation

Changes on Earth are a normal part of being, Just as changes in our lives are a normal part of being alive.

Although changes are normal, what we do today (our karma) can influence the changes (our fate) that take place.
To explore, understand, and improve;
Human Nature (the human condition)
How humans interact with nature
Nature and the Environment
Life skills

The developmental stage of our life skills will determine how successful we are at dealing with change.

To live is to experience change. One of the few areas of a persons life (the human experience) that is constant is change.

Our lives are determined by how we deal with change and how we handle the stress of change.

My mission is to;
help people and the earth by teaching how nature can guide human development

Help and inspire others
Be of service to mankind
Live in dynamic harmony with in nature and our environment
Explore self-cultivation and inner peace
Learn and teach acceptance (Big Love- unconditional love)
questions about love
and more webrings

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