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Finding Your Points of Reference

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These are some things that a person can do to discover their own significant points of reference or to deepen their understanding.

  • Develop a time in the morning soon after you wake to meditate. If you do not have much time at this point of the day, meditate for only a short time. Then perform a low activity level dichotic exercise, such as yoga, or tai chi. This exercise does not need to be prolonged or involve much time to derive some benefit.

  • practice dichotic exercise when you have time to fully accept your limitations. An exercise in self acceptance.

  • Explore thoughts and beliefs limited by your culture. Decide if these are valid, do something to go beyond these artificial boundaries. Realize that crossing the boundaries will have consequences. This could be what is called good or it could be what is called bad. Is this illusion of truth from your culture or another culture? If from another culture are there similar beliefs in you own culture? Look to find similarities in customs, groups, and people.

  • Examine your own allegiances, what would you fight for. Die for, stand for. Who do you hate? Why do you hate? Is there anyone or group you would like to see eliminated?

  • At least twice a month go outside at night to look at the heavens and the moon. I would recommend seeing the full moon and the new moon. Meditate on the moon. Contemplate the relationship of humans to the moon.

  • Just for today be aware of the weather and how it effects the animals and plants.

  • Watch the news (network and international) with an awareness of the stories about how when nature is abused by humans (thrown out of harmony by humans) humans suffer.

  • See the sensuous curves of a tree, follow these lines to the hard angular lines of the same tree. Can you see? Really look at the color of a flower, a fish, watch the movement of a leaf, the flight of a bird, the movement of a fish. Take in all the elements of a riparian ecosystem were water is scarce.

  • Go to a natural place you consider significant. Concentrate on your breath. Think of nothing. Take in everything
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Earth change is found in wisdom
inner peace is found in acceptance. Acceptance is found in the truth of wisdom.
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