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Selection can create finally balanced harmony from the chaos of randomness and chance

Chance is the greatest force of creation.
Selection is simply exploiting chance.
Selection puts order in chance

Humans where created with the ability to know of the consequences of their actions. This trait has both blessed and burdened us with the ability to select behavior with an intended outcome. Thus we have the ability to know the consequences of our actions or the actions we manipulate others to select. These actions can be for the advancement of all life, or only for human life or for the lives of only a select few humans. In the process of pursuing our goals of economic and population growth we often select actions that are detrimental to the continuation of life on Earth.

It is easy to endanger life when one is intoxicated with power.

We may also consider whether this is good or evil, or even if there is a good and evil? Perhaps it is egotistical to think humans can know if this is really good or bad. May be, it just is? Just as selection, just is from chance.

Sometimes selection favors the warrior
Sometimes selection favors the priest

Natural selection is the great driving force behind market economies and as long as environmental conditions can support capitalism this economic system will do well and perhaps better than many other systems. However there will come a time when chance, and selective pressures will change the system as we now know it.
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inner peace is found in acceptance. Acceptance is found in the truth of wisdom.
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