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I became committed to developing this site on my birthday 1999. Frequently on my birthday I will go into the desert to spend 24 hours in a single spot at a sacred place. In 1999 while being in my place something (was it god, nature, or my subconscious?) told me to give my little bit of knowledge to the world.

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February 2001
this photo of a very old temple in Taiwan. Had a wonderful trip. spent time in the city and in the mountain areas.










September 16, 2000
Just got back from a wonderful trip. I was traveling with two of my favorite traveling companions My girl friend and my dog. We explored the California coast - Big Sur and Monterey, then we headed over to see the giant redwoods in sequoia national park. This may have been one of the trips that sets the tone for my life theme next year. Only time will tell.

August 17, 2000
I'm back to working on this site. I had to take a bit of a reprieve to make some money to support myself and my projects. Of course during my economic battles I've discolored new insight that I will eventually share in the section on power

February 1, 2000
Started taking a Mandarin class at school

Friday November 12, 1999
The Portfolio Study Group is meeting tonight, in Long Beach.
hummingbird art of the earthmuse ©1999
Friday November 12, 1999
This morning while I was practicing Tai Chi Chuan, a humming bird few in front of me and investigated each of my fingers as though they were flowers. I could feel the wind from each of it's wing beets, I could even feel the air movement caused by it's beak near each finger, even though it never actually made physical contact. A simple yet moving experience.

Sunday November 7 1999
I received a certificate for completing a Project WILD and Aquatic Project WILD workshop. Project WILD is a wildlife education program sponsored by the state Department of Fish and Game.

October 14 1999
Completed and received a certificate for Inside the Outdoors Science Program (environmental educator), from North Orange County Community College District School of Continuing Education.

Earth change is found in wisdom
inner peace is found in acceptance. Acceptance is found in the truth of wisdom.
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