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A long term goal is to establish several communities that integrate modern knowledge and technology with local cultures, to evolve a modern model for sustainable living and human development.
This would create a hybrid system of ancient and new age wisdom

When applying one self to helping people, one must consider whether they are helping a few or many, and what permanent impact will there be?

To help a few or even one is a noble endeavor and should not be avoided in favor if helping many. We must help individuals and families for this is the foundation. However helping one person at a time is like giving out a lottery winnings, there are a lot of people who didn't win. Therefore it is necessary to also do something to help (the Earth and humanity) on a larger scale.

Perhaps more important than helpings is not to do harm.

Some of these missions I've already started (as my resources have allowed).
Here is a list of important jobs I hope to someday have the resources to accomplish.

  • help people find inner peace
  • to help people move past prejudice and intolerance by learning and teaching acceptance (self acceptance and acceptance of others)
  • help people see that unconditional acceptance leads to unconditional love.
  • promote recycling and the conservation of recourses
  • promote simple living
  • teach about birth control and overpopulation
  • promote healthy living
  • explore ways to teach cross cultural values and insights
  • explore ways to maintain traditional cultures while pursuing life in a modern age
  • learning center
  • Scholarship to educate doctors for impoverished areas of the Earth
  • sponsor language classes ( everyone can try to learn another language, we can help others learn our own native language)
  • sustainable community development that promotes natural habitat restoration
  • explore new social and economic points of reference for a non or less materialistic world society
  • helping people learn healthy life skills
Earth change is found in wisdom
inner peace is found in acceptance. Acceptance is found in the truth of wisdom.
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