Unconditional love is to be sought
acceptance of others is to be sought
inner peace is to be sought

harmony and wisdom can be found in nature

Unconditional love can change the Earth

Discover how nature can guide human development to unconditional love.
Change the earth by finding solutions to, sustainable living and the human spirit.
Protect the earth by finding how to live a balanced life in harmony with nature.

Change the earth by finding ways to let nature guide human development

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unconditional love

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Unconditional love

Is there a fine line between love and hate?

unconditional love, what is it? How do we find it?
discover how through the way to change your life

Love is found in acceptance and peace
Is peace found in harmony?

This is a place to share ideas about self cultivation, and the cultivation of human society.

Is hate part of love?
Dose love cause hate?
is there a way of love?
is there a way of hate?

If love can cause hate, how can we love without hate?

"How can two things going in opposite directions be going in the same direction?" the EarthMuse

9-23-2000 One must accept that the search for riches may not be successful and one must accept their own true nature and follow what their own nature is made for (that which you love)

If it is your nature to know wealth, then don't let the lowest type of work stand in your way. If your fate is to know wealth, then wealth will find you when you apply your energy and nature toward that end. If one is to successfully pursue wealth, then the pursuit of wealth must be that which one loves

9 - 24 - 2000 "Are there a lot of things you dislike?" It has been revealed to me "that people who have a lot of dislikes tend to be more unhappy than people who are content with most of what life offers."

A person with many dislikes has a heavy and burdened mind that is searching for balance and peace. Although the mind is searching for balance and peace this type of person often only knows how to be satisfied with the extra stimulation of emotional distress.

The things I know about life where told to me by the animals and plants, the earth and the water, the things that can be seen and felt as well as those that are invisible.
Wisdom can be found in randomness - can inner peace be found in chaos

To explore, understand, and improve;
Human Nature (the human condition)
How humans interact with nature
Nature and the Environment
Life skills

The developmental stage of our life skills will determine how successful we are at dealing with change.

To live is to experience change. One of the few areas of a persons life (the human experience) that is constant is change.

Our lives are determined by how we deal with change and how we handle the stress of change.

My mission is to;

Help and inspire others
Be of service to mankind
Live in dynamic harmony with in our environment
Explore self-cultivation
Learn and teach acceptance (Big Love) acceptance of others and self acceptance

Earth change is found in wisdom
inner peace is found in acceptance. Acceptance is found in the truth of wisdom.
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